Wolfgang Tillmans

Allied Editions stand at Frieze London 2017. Photo: Mark Blower. Courtesy: Mark Blower/Frieze

Experts share their highlights of the art avaiable via Allied Editions at Frieze London 2017, starting at £85


Creative Time launches series of protest flags; photographer Khadija Saye reported as a victim of London's Grenfell Tower fire

Wolfgang Tillmans, Iguazu, 2010. Courtesy: the artist and Tate Modern, London

Tate Modern, London

By Charlie Fox

From the Jannis Kounellis work that nobody wanted to Andrew Motion's defence of sane poets: what to read this weekend

Opening tomorrow, Wolfgang Tillmans's major retrospective at Tate Modern shows an artist coming full circle

By Laurie Taylor
Wolfgang Tillmans. Image by Carmen Brunner. Image Courtesy Maureen Paley, London

What was it like to be in London at the time?

Images by Elena Boils

As the fairs move forward this year, there's more to do than ever - both inside and out

Richard Billingham, 'Ray's a Laugh'

Galleries will revisit exhibitions from the 1990s that have had a lasting impact on contemporary art

Wolfgang Tillmans, EU Poster campaign, 2016. Courtesy: the artist and Between Bridges, Berlin

Wolfgang Tillmans has launched a pro-EU poster campaign. Should more UK cultural institutions be speaking out?

By Saim Demircan

Wolfgang Tillmans creates a series of anti-Brexit posters and Atena Farghadani has her prison sentence reduced

Tate announces its 2017 programme; Cairo's Townhouse Gallery will be rebuilt - the latest news from the art world

BANK, Stop short-changing us. Popular culture is for idiots. We believe in ART., 1998, silkscreen on photocopy, 120 × 86 cm. Courtesy: BANK and MOT International, London and Brussels

British art and the 1990s

By Dan Fox