Essay - 09 Dec 2016

Amy Sherlock reports from the Power Station of Art, home to the 11th Shanghai Biennale: 'Why Not Ask Again', curated by Raqs Media Collective

Essay - 25 Oct 2016

Pablo Larios explores Anne Imhof's exhibition-as-opera at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

Cooking Sections, Cases of Confusion (50-40-20) (56-45-25) (55-40-20), 2015. Courtesy: the artists

Essay - 22 Apr 2016

Ellen Mara De Wachter considers how plants can teach us to live ethically

Essay - 21 May 2015

What effect has digital technology had on contemporary painting?

Essay - 20 Mar 2015

Dan Fox reports on the exhibition's highlights

Essay - 27 Oct 2014

Pablo Larios talks about 'Network Fatigue' in the age of digital circulation

Essay - 07 Feb 2014

Dan Fox asks: who are the audiences for artists, writers and curators?

Essay - 30 Oct 2013

What do we mean by Post-Internet art?

Essay - 14 Nov 2012

Jessica Warboys works with film, painting, sculpture and stained glass. But her primary medium may be our ability to recognize resemblances.

Essay - 26 Oct 2012

Vivian Sky Rehberg on the traffic between the worlds of art and dress

Essay - 22 Oct 2012

Phil Collins embraces mass media and popular culture, only to unsettle the stereotypes they produce.

Essay - 22 Jun 2012

Pablo Larios interviews artists Simon Denny, Yngve Holen and Marlie Mul