Frieze Video

Interview - 08 Dec 2014

An interview with the philosophers who coined the term

Essay - 27 Oct 2014

Pablo Larios talks about 'Network Fatigue' in the age of digital circulation

Documentary - 12 Sep 2014

A tour of artist Pablo Bronstein's house

Interview - 06 Jun 2014

An interview with Kenneth Goldsmith

City Report - 01 May 2014

The 5th Marrakech Biennale

City Report - 23 Apr 2014

The past, present and future of Glasgow’s art scene

City Report - 27 Mar 2014

The past, present and future of one of the UK's most creative cities

Interview - 07 Feb 2014

An interview with the award-winning filmmaker

Essay - 07 Feb 2014

Dan Fox asks: who are the audiences for artists, writers and curators?

Studio Visit - 16 Dec 2013

How living in the Kent countryside for four decades has influenced the British artist’s paintings

Essay - 30 Oct 2013

What do we mean by Post-Internet art?

City Report - 24 Oct 2013

An interview with the founders of three non-profit spaces

City Report - 03 Oct 2013

Interviews with three non-profit organizations

Interview - 27 Sep 2013

Deutsche Börse prize-winners Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin discuss their new publication, 'Holy Bible'

Interview - 02 Sep 2013

James Richards talks about his inclusion in the 55th Venice Biennale

Documentary - 24 Jul 2013

Reaction to the main show 'The Encyclopedic Palace'

Interview - 24 Jul 2013

frieze editors and contributors share their thoughts on the national pavilions at the 2013 Venice Biennale

Interview - 28 May 2013

Richard Mosse on the making of his highly-acclaimed film

Studio Visit - 30 Apr 2013

An interview with the prolific musician and artist

City Report - 30 Apr 2013

Three influential non-profit spaces in the city

Studio Visit - 21 Mar 2013

A studio visit with the influential American artist

City Report - 15 Feb 2013

frieze visits Pivô, a new art space housed in Oscar Niemeyer's iconic Copan Building, in the heart of São Paulo, Brazil

Interview - 14 Feb 2013

Artist and choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis discusses the influences behind her works

Interview - 14 Dec 2012

The artist and filmmaker speaks about his life in cinema and writing

Studio Visit - 13 Dec 2012

frieze visits artist Tala Madani at her Los Angeles studio, where she speaks about her painting and animation

Essay - 14 Nov 2012

Jessica Warboys works with film, painting, sculpture and stained glass. But her primary medium may be our ability to recognize resemblances.

Interview - 26 Oct 2012

The musicians talk about their new double album

Essay - 26 Oct 2012

Vivian Sky Rehberg on the traffic between the worlds of art and dress

Essay - 22 Oct 2012

Phil Collins embraces mass media and popular culture, only to unsettle the stereotypes they produce.

Artists' Film - 27 Sep 2012

Artist Jimmie Durham reads a selection of poems from his forthcoming volume Poems That Do Not Go Together (2012)

Documentary - 26 Sep 2012

Curator Stuart Comer, artist Beatrice Gibson and artist/writer Jeremy Millar pay tribute to the late Chris Marker

Artists' Film - 28 Aug 2012

The US artist talks about the evolution of her ideas

Essay - 22 Jun 2012

Pablo Larios interviews artists Simon Denny, Yngve Holen and Marlie Mul

Interview - 01 Jun 2012

A frieze commissioned film: Drew Daniel interviews director, writer, artist and curator, John Waters

Essay - 31 May 2012

A letter to Claes Oldenberg by co-editor Dan Fox

Interview - 29 Feb 2012

Artist LaToya Ruby Frazier discusses her work in the 2012 Whitney Biennial