Spotlight: Fahrelnissa Zeid, Sari Dienes, Anna Opperman and Many More

Laura Hoptman returns to curate the themed section for Frieze New York 2020

The celebrated Spotlight section at Frieze New York showcases solo exhibitions of work by avant-garde pioneers of 20th-century art.

Curated by Laura Hoptman (Executive Director of the Drawing Center, New York), and reflecting the celebration of women artists across the fair, this year's Spotlight features work by artists including, M. Louise Stanley, Fahrelnissa Zeid, Ione Saldanha, Tess Jaray, Nalini Malani, Vera Pagava, Anna Oppermann, E’wao Kagoshima and more. 

Fahrelnissa Zeid, Angel Foot, 1958, Oil on Canvas, 127 x 102 cm. Courtesy Dirimart

Fahrelnissa Zeid, Angel Foot, 1958, Oil on Canvas, 127 x 102 cm. Courtesy Dirimart

Participating Galleries & Artists:

Almeida e Dale Galeria de Arte Ione Saldanha
Anglim Gilbert Gallery M. Louise Stanley
Arario Gallery Nalini Malani
Ascaso Gallery Feliciano Carvallo
Baldwin Gallery James Lee Byars
The Box E'wao Kagoshima
Casemore Sonya Rapoport
Dirimart Fahrelnissa Zeid
Frameless Gallery Stanislav Kolíbal
Galerist Erol Akyavaş
Herlitzka + Faria Osvaldo Romberg
Galerie Kornfeld Vera Pagava
Galerie Lelong & Co. Michelle Stuart
Locks Gallery Thomas Chimes
Galería Javier López & Fer Francés Francesco Clemente
Mayoral Antoni Tàpies
MCMC César Paternosto
Galeri Nev Erol Akyavaş
October Gallery William S. Burroughs
Piano Nobile Leon Kossoff
Galeria Marilia Razuk Ione Saldanha
Ronchini Gallery Conrad Marca-Relli
Royale Projects Ken Lum
Georgia Scherman Projects Margaret Priest
Marc Selwyn Fine Art Sari Dienes / Michelle Stuart
Soda Gallery Milan Adamčiak
Marc Straus Tess Jaray
Galerie Barbara Thumm Anna Oppermann
Vigo Keith Coventry
Pavel Zoubok Fine Art Sari Dienes

Main image: Anna Oppermann, Untitled, 1968, Mixed technique on masonite, 200 x 100,5 cm. Courtesy Estate Anna Oppermann and Galerie Barbara Thumm

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