Premiering in the US and UK this month, Céline Sciamma’s lesbian period drama employs the myth of Orpheus to re-centre the female gaze

By Cassie Packard

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What to know in the EU’s arts and culture this week

By Pablo Larios

The traditional and the technological combine to offer visions of our uncertain future

By Skye Arundhati Thomas

Ahead of the fair this week, contributing editor Max Andrews picks the exhibitions to see in the Spanish capital

By Max Andrews

At David Zwirner, New York, the late painter’s work speaks frankly to a black audience without distracting appeals to white art audiences

By Erica N. Cardwell

The artist’s solo exhibition at GAO Gallery, London, is brash, demented and necessary

By Lawrence Dodgson

At Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin, the artist’s painted grids speak to how memories are always mediated and wrought

By Kristian Vistrup Madsen

In the beloved Japanese anime films, childhood is a fantastic place of nightmare and wonder

By Darran Anderson

At Mendes Wood DM, Brussels, a world of quiet empathy is set against modernity, instantaneity and the desecration of wild Brazil

By Paul Carey-Kent

As the artist’s inaugural show at Paula Cooper Gallery opens in New York, Rianna Jade Parker guides us through her filmmaking trajectory

By Rianna Jade Parker

The plan to codify a ‘classical architectural style’ for US federal buildings has become the latest front in the American culture wars

By Will Wiles

For her exhibition at Galerie Francesca Pia, Zurich, the artist reassembled disused advertising signs into abstract sculptures

By Fabian Schöneich

At Chapter, New York, collages on canvas and ceramic fuse references to Jewish mysticism and the history of craft

By Amy Zion

Learning to survive a jittering feed of survivalist pro tips and transhumanist dreck

By Brian Dillon

At Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles, the artist’s paintings of the Sonoran desert span millennia of cultural references

By Jennifer S. Li

From ‘a coven of witches’ at Deitch Projects to the ‘totemic roughness’ of Huma Bhabha at David Kordansky Gallery, our critic’s guide to Los Angeles

By Travis Diehl

The movement wasn’t all hard outlines, puns and absurdism as a show in London reveals

By Sophie Ruigrok


Frieze Fairs - 24 Feb 2020

The artist and founder of Black Lives Matter talks about her collective performance for Frieze Projects Los Angeles

Frieze Fairs - 17 Feb 2020

We talk to Maya Emsden about Barbara Kruger's public project at Union Station, co-presented by Frieze Los Angeles and Metro Art

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