Whether pairing the two inspires consternation or praise depends largely on how we conceive of the purpose of the Museum itself

By Jack McGrath

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In further news: calls for removal of MoMA trustee; three arrested over gold toilet heist; researchers demand German museums open up colonial inventories

By Frieze News Desk

A new retrospective celebrates the artist’s ability to warp technology

By Thomas McMullan

The artist’s stuttering videos, on view at Freedman Fitzpatrick, challenge conventional notions of artistic authorship and circulation

By Olivian Cha

Kilimnik’s subjects are nearly always brutal – murder, empire, war – and just as often delivered with a practiced detachment

By Travis Diehl

Roxy Lee’s new photobook offers an insight into an irreverent and politically-charged world

By Sean Burns

From the frieze archives: complete coverage ahead of New York’s Museum of Modern Art’s much-heralded reopening

By Figgy Guyver

Juliet Jacques profiles the photographer Lisetta Carmi who sensitively documented the lives of her friends

By Juliet Jacques

A new gallery, dieFirma, opens in Cooper Square, New York, with an important presentation of an overlooked artist whose work spanned furniture to flowers

By Glenn Adamson

Sex, myth and history entwine in a display of the artist’s sketches, photographs and ephemera

By Wong Bing Hao

The prolific Polish writer has a complicated relationship to nationality

By Helen Charman

New arrangements of artists from across the planet emphasize broad concepts over tidier organizing principles 

By Andrew Durbin

With the fair in town, a guide to the best shows to see in the French capital

By Dorian Batycka

An emporium of new-age junk and legal highs debases Marlborough London’s exhibition space

By Daniel Culpan

The artist’s exhibition at Delmes & Zander, Cologne, exposes society’s fear of sexually self-determined women

By Moritz Scheper

The most famous painter in the US finally receives art world recognition

By Ian Bourland

Across the programme, animals are at the centre of the drama

By Thomas McMullan


14 Oct 2019

'I am interested in considering the garden as a site at the intersection between creation and destruction'

09 Oct 2019

Watch artist Mark Bradford in conversation with Hans-Ulrich Obrist at Frieze Masters 2019

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