From ‘a coven of witches’ at Deitch Projects to the ‘totemic roughness’ of Huma Bhabha at David Kordansky Gallery, our critic’s guide to Los Angeles

By Travis Diehl

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For her exhibition at Galerie Francesca Pia, Zurich, the artist reassembled disused advertising signs into abstract sculptures

By Fabian Schöneich

At Chapter, New York, collages on canvas and ceramic fuse references to Jewish mysticism and the history of craft

By Amy Zion

Learning to survive a jittering feed of survivalist pro tips and transhumanist dreck

By Brian Dillon

At Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles, the artist’s paintings of the Sonoran desert span millennia of cultural references

By Jennifer S. Li

The movement wasn’t all hard outlines, puns and absurdism as a show in London reveals

By Sophie Ruigrok

From school strikers at the Royal Shakespeare Company to a Trojan horse at the British Museum, protests over oil sponsorship have gripped the arts

By Mel Evans

Russia’s artists see Olga Lyubimova as a chequered figure – but anybody has to be better than her predecessor

By Maxim Edwards

We tend to think of museums as holding the rare, the valuable, the precious. But MOCA was formed to tell the stories no one else thought were worth telling

By Ryan Lee Wong

Showing new commissions produced over a two-year period, ‘Modes of Encounter’ is an attempt to reset the relationship between artists, institutions and publics – that doesn’t quite come off

By Alvin Li

At Artists Space, New York, the 'public secret society' expands its ranks 

By Christopher Green

At Gladstone Gallery, New York, the colourful lives of gay icons comprise a cultural self-portrait

By Shiv Kotecha

The artist’s exhibition at PSM Gallery, Berlin, reflects on the relationship between body and mind

By Sonja-Maria Borstner

Moments of thrilling prose are not enough to stop ‘Strange Hotel’ from feeling laboured

By Lauren Elkin

With a bacchanalian presentation at Pitti Uomo, the New York designer continues to take the fashion world by storm

By Michael Bullock

A play at London’s Cell Project Space on friendship, going off-grid, resistance, trans survival and not knowing what to do, but doing it anyway

By Isabel Waidner

In the artist’s solo show at ICA Philadelphia, industrial materials convey a sense of quiet discontent

By Kari Rittenbach


17 Feb 2020

The artist and founder of Black Lives Matter talks about her collective performance for Frieze Projects Los Angeles

Frieze Fairs - 16 Feb 2020

The artist talks about his installation for Frieze Projects Los Angeles, inspired by Star Trek, chance theory and rare native breed sheep

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