Perfume Genius: ‘I Am Conjuring a Feeling and Magnifying It’
The singer discusses dancing, sex, self-doubt and his new album, ’Set My Heart on Fire Immediately’
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Watch David Lynch on the ‘Infinite’ Possibilities of Consciousness
For our ‘Altered States’ issue, a specially-commissioned video, Fourth State, featuring filmmaker and artist David Lynch
Watch David Lynch on the ‘Infinite’ Possibilities of Consciousness
Pablo Bronstein's Baroque Event
A tour of artist Pablo Bronstein's house
Pablo Bronstein's Baroque Event
Suellen Rocca’s Pictorial Freedom
Three women curators pay tribute to the iconic artist, included in the Chicago Tribute section, who passed away suddenly this month
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Frieze Video

25 Feb 2020

Greg Ito talks about the ideas behind his immersive installation for Anat Ebgi at Frieze Los Angeles

25 Feb 2020

Artists 4 Democracy is one of the non-profits organisations participating to Frieze Los Angeles 2020

Frieze Fairs - 17 Feb 2020

We talk to Maya Emsden about Barbara Kruger's public project at Union Station, co-presented by Frieze Los Angeles and Metro Art

Sponsored Content - 29 Oct 2019

The artist us into her studio at the Villa Kadenowka and provides a background for her show ‘Destroyed Woman’

09 Oct 2019

Watch artist Mark Bradford in conversation with Hans-Ulrich Obrist at Frieze Masters 2019

BMW Open Work at Frieze London 2019

BMW Open Work - 06 Oct 2019

The journey that led to Camille Blatrix’s commission for BMW Open Work 2019

Frieze Fairs - 06 Oct 2019

‘I am fortunate that I don't have to think about art all the time‘

Zanele Muholi acquired by CAS Collections Fund at Frieze for Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery

Frieze Fairs - 03 Oct 2019

On the significane of Zanele Muholi’s ‘Faces and Phases’ series, acquired by the Contemporary Art Society at Frieze London 2019

frieze video - 15 Aug 2019

frieze commissioned film: Artist Duggie Fields leads a tour of the home and studio in London’s Earls Court that he’s lived in for more than 50 years (and once shared with the musician and co-founder of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett)

Sponsored Content - 10 Jul 2019

‘I see something I recognize somehow, and I make a picture’