Borderlands / The Social

Join us in the Auditorium for a daily series of talks

6 Oct 2016
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Frieze Talks 2016
Regents Park
London, NW1 4NR
United Kingdom

Artist and writer Hannah Black, artist Erik van Lieshout and performer Jonny Woo use performance, satire, humour to poignantly critique contemporary society. In this panel discussion, the artists will debate the social and communal aspects of borders with curator Sarah McCrory.​ 

  • Hannah Black is an artist and writer who interlaces multiple disciplines that explore the conditions of the body. Her work is assembled from autobiographical fragments that draw on feminist, communist and black radical thought.
  • Sarah McCrory is the director of the acclaimed biennial festival Glasgow International and is former curator of Frieze Projects and Studio Voltaire.
  • Erik van Lieshout addresses a multitude of socio-political issues such as the notion of minorities, ‘outsiders’ and multiculturalism. Lieshout’s work often takes the form of multi-media installations that
    integrate video, collage, drawing and painting. His work has been internationally shown with his most recent solo show at WIELS, Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels.
  • Jonny Woo has been creating club, cabaret and theatre performances for decades. He has collaborated with the ICA, National Theatre and The Royal Opera House. He is co-owner of gay performance venue The