Gianluca Concialdi

3 Apr 2018
26 May 2018
Clima Gallery
Via Alessandro Stradella, 5
Milan, 20129

Up-and-coming Palermo-based artist Gianluca Concialdi shows his most recent series of paintings on sheets of 2 x 2 metre dust paper at Galleria Clima. Concialdi uses an alphabet of organic forms, half-abstract, half-detectable (heads, penises, fruits), constantly recombined and rendered in rich washes. The ironic, somehow bitter titles (Pizzerie Gargamella, Pazzo Pappagallo, La Taverna Azzurra, Il Cimitero dei Rotoli, Il Parchetto dei drogati) counterbalance the elegance of the results. Concialdi hangs the paintings in ways that invite viewers to peek at what’s on the other side of their surface: they are all, in fact, double-sided.

- Barbara Casavecchia