20 Apr 2018
7 May 2018
28 King Street
Glasgow, G1 5QP
United Kingdom

A dinner with Glasgow-based women of colour will provide the centre-piece for the debut UK exhibition by iQhiya, a South African collective of black women artists. Taking place in the artist-run gallery on GI’s opening day, the dinner’s conversations and interactions will form the basis of a sound installation that seeks to respond to ‘the gendered and racialized expectations’ of women artists of colour in Scotland. The idea of discussion and dialogue continues throughout the show, with Transmission’s large street-facing glass windows featuring vinyls of the collective’s WhatsApp threads, along with videos of their Skype chats. Displayed inside the gallery and facing out to the street will be chalk wall drawings and other interventions. The show-cum-residency, titled ‘Plenary’, sees the artists drawing on a series of ongoing conversations with the Glasgow women who they describe as including ‘artists, actors and scientists’ who are largely excluded from the Scottish art narrative. The first show at the gallery since losing its status as a Creative Scotland regularly funded organization, it reflects the Transmission committee’s continued focus on decolonization and marginalized voices.

- Chris Sharratt