Lloyd Corporation

10 May 2018
23 Jun 2018
Unit 4, 88 Mile End Road
E1 4UN London

Critic’s Guide to London: The Best Shows in Town

Carlos/Ishikawa has had a makeover. Gone are the polished concrete floor and elegant minimalist interior. Instead, Lloyd Corporation, a London-based artist duo, have installed threadbare boardroom seating and a carpet that could have been lifted from a hotel conference suite. In the centre of the room, a flat-screen TV plays Local to Global (2018)the pair’s exposé of OneCoin, a particularly insidious pyramid scheme premised as a cryptocurrency.

Recorded using hidden cameras, the film is both absurd and chilling in equal measure. But where Lloyd Corporation’s work excels, is in its emphasis on who rather than how. ‘I believe we can go further’ says one woman ‘a lot of Asia and Africa will lift out of the poverty when the company comes out and there will be a lot of millionaires coming out of the world.’ (sic.) The global poor is OneCoin’s target. 

- Figgy Guyver

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