Oa4s: Spirit butterfly X

5 Feb 2018
31 Mar 2018
Lodos Gallery
116 Calle del Artículo 123 Int. 301 Colonia Centro
Mexico City, 06000

This exhibition by the duo Oa4s (Temra Pavlović and Michael Ray-Von) is a speculative exploration of the impact that one (alien) body may have on another. It operates as a riddle in which the visitor has to immerse him or herself in the poetic narrative of a soundtrack to fully experience the effects of distillated sweet potatoes, of fluoride on the human brain, of the three-dimensional form of a virus exponentially grown, or of the convoluted traces of night drawings. Populated by the dreamy presence of butterflies and fairies, the show also operates as a fresh and optimistic metaphor of the political displacement of bodies and their social interaction when changing landscapes and territories.

- Magalí Arriola