Vivian Caccuri: Mosquitos Also Cry

3 Oct 2018
5:30pm - 6:30pm
Frieze London Auditorium
Regent’s Park
London, NW1 4LL
United Kingdom

Please join Frieze Projects Curator, Diana Campbell Betancourt and Delfina Foundation Director, Aaron Cezar who will be introducing an illustrated lecture by Vivian Caccuri, Mosquitos Also Cry.

Vivian Caccuri uses sound as a vehicle to combine experiments in sensory perception with issues relating to history and social conditioning.

Caccuri’s illustrated lecture is inspired by the mosquito and its relationship with humanity. Mosquitos buzz to each other as a love call, but their buzz in the ears of humans, once understood, is now hated. Caccuri proposes delirious ways to re-bond with these insects.

In partnership with Delfina Foundation.

Vivian Caccuri's Delfina Residency is supported by Inclusartiz Institute.