Kunsthalle Bern

For an exhibition at Kunsthalle Bern, the grey, red and pink toys formed a cute, uncanny parade

By Jörg Scheller

Six-years in the making, the comprehensive ‘Museum of Obsessions’ tracks the life and work of the prolific and enormously ambitious curator 

By Sam Thorne


14 Oct
10 Dec
Verena Dengler, ‘Jackie of All Trades & Her Radical Chic Academy mit (((HC Playner)))’, 2017, Kunsthalle Bern. Courtesy: Kunsthalle Bern, Bern; photograph: Gunnar Meier

Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland

By Moritz Scheper

Kunsthalle Bern, Germany

By Moritz Scheper

Sensual, haptic, with a theory-driven conceptual cool, the painting of Ull Hohn, who died in 1995, is now on view in a first mayor survey at the Kunsthalle Bern

By Hans-Jürgen Hafner

Kunsthalle, Bern, Switzerland

By Burkhard Meltzer

Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland

By Mai-Thu Perret