At SFER IK in Tulum, Mexico, Mayan architecture and site-specific exhibitions propose a ‘return’ to nature

By Vanessa Thill

An exhibition at MUAC, Mexico City, revisits how the artists searched for new forms of collective expression during the late 1960s

By Anna Goetz
Zapatista Encuentro: the 1996 Encounter for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism. Courtesy: Flickr; photograph: Julian Stallabrass

‘By changing oppressive patterns on many levels, the movement has much to say about feminism in the present moment’

By Brenda Lozano

This year's edition of the FEMSA Biennial takes place in Zacatecas and reflects on the craft and industrial traditions of the Mexican city 

By Dorothée Dupuis

A Mexican judge has halted sales of the doll following a dispute over image rights

In the studio with Pedro Friedeberg, the last of Mexico’s Surrealists

By Matt Stromberg

La Tallera, Cuernavaca, Mexico

By Dorothée Dupuis
Theo Michael, Scorpion House, 2016. Courtesy: the artist and Galería OMR, Mexico City

How the work of a younger generation of artists reflects Mexico’s social problems

By Magalí Arriola

Leslie Moody Castro explores the burgeoning gallery scene in the south of Mexico

By Leslie Moody Castro
Greenhouse designed by Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido in the Ethnobotanical Gardens, Oaxaca, 2015

Is a new greenhouse in Mexico a blueprint for the museum of the future?

By Sam Thorne
Graphic of  Javier Estrada and Aztec moons,  2012. Courtesy: Reuben Torres

The Aztec imagery and digital soundworld of Mexican producer Javier Estrada

By Jace Clayton