Somerset House

With global issues cutting across disciplines, a number of projects are showing where the mixing of art and science can prove productive

Inverting the gaze: real life biography, game play fantasy and Frantz Fanon combine in the British artist’s films

Paying tribute to W.G. Sebald’s literature of memory and loss, two decades after his lectures on the Allied fire-bombing of German cities

At a time of instantaneous information and fetishized immersivity, artists are evoking scent as an alchemical, bodily response

Mat Collishaw Thresholds at Somerset House 2017. Courtesy Graham Carlow

Mat Collishaw’s virtual-reality tribute to photo pioneer William Henry Fox Talbot suggests what VR can learn from early photography’s reception

Saul Leiter, The Rock, c.1975, gouache, casein and watercolour on paper, 38 × 30 cm

The Photographer's Gallery, Somerset House & Hackelbury Fine Art, London, UK

PJ Harvey, photographed by Seamus Murphy, 2014; Courtesy: © Seamus Murphy

PJ Harvey records a new album in public