Victoria & Albert Museum

The London museum has faced criticism for its decision following allegations of sexual misconduct against the American actor

By Frieze News Desk

The V&A’s annual conference ‘Parallel Worlds’ revealed a medium battling with the formal and the personal

By Gareth Damian Martin

With museums suffering from cash-strapped councils and national cuts, the new plan is ‘miles away’ from addressing the crisis

By Chris Sharratt

In an age when the camera is continually absorbed into other technologies, this inaugural show focuses on photography as practice

By Laurie Taylor
Temporary shelter over RA250 Redevelopment, Royal Academy of Arts, London, by David Chipperfield Architects. Photo: Francis Ware

Rowan Moore looks at the role of gallery spaces in the 21st-century

By Rowan Moore

K11 Art Foundation and the New Museum establish a new residency program; London's V&A wins the Museum of the Year award

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

By Andrew Dodds