Frieze Academy

A unique programme of talks, workshops, symposia and short courses exploring all aspects of the worlds of art and culture, Frieze Academy offers unparalleled access to the individuals and institutions that make the international contemporary art scene thrive

A number of bursaries for day-long courses are available

Upcoming Events

Designing spaces to show, make and live with art, with David Adjaye, David Chipperfield, Elizabeth Diller & more


6 Oct

Past Events

On choreographers and contemporary artists collaborations with Martin Hargreaves


15 Jun

Collaboration as a key driver of artistic creation with Ellen Mara De Wachter and Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard


8 Jun

What exactly do we mean by queer art? Is it art made by gay, lesbian and transgender artists? Or is it work that challenges those labels and political agendas?


1 Jun

Practical and inspiring advice from one of the UK’s most respected art critics and editors


27 May