Live: Julia Scher

Guards, Hidden Camera

6 Oct 2018
L6 (Between H13 and H16)
Frieze London
London, NW1 4LL
United Kingdom

Julia Scher’s performance will involve a pair of elderly women, dressed in the artist’s signature pink hybrid security guard uniforms, roaming the fair and interacting with visitors. Juxtaposing the invisibility of older women in society and the visibility afforded to security personnel, while drawing on the colour pink's playful and a uniform’s menacing connotations, Scher’s work combines an analysis of control mechanisms with feminist critique.

The accompanying installation of conspicuously hidden vintage security cameras, further renders visible elements of surveillance at the fair, encouraging us to question the state of the world - where surveillance, deep data, and bio code harvesting can perpetuate bias encoded in technology, aided by the power of artificial intelligence.