‘Projecting [Space[’

26 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018
Hebbel am Ufer
Stresemannstr. 29
Berlin, 10963
‘Projecting [Space[’, 2018, production photograph. Courtesy: Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin

‘Projecting [Space[’, 2018, production photograph. Courtesy: Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin

Critic’s Pick:

Last summer, choreographer Meg Stuart, dramaturge Jeroen Peeters and scenographer Jozef Wouters transformed a former mining factory in the Ruhr region of Germany into a temporary space to imagine and experiment with collective practices of meeting and making. Now, one year later, they are reengaging with these thought processes at Berlin’s factory-turned-event space Reinbeckhallen in Oberschöneweide. Performers from Stuart’s dance company Damaged Goods present themselves as a tribe of nomads visiting from the future in Projecting [Space[ (2017), which was co-produced by HAU. Over the course of two hours, they offer stories, songs and dances about their ways of living together as well as of practising labour, care and rituals. Can their performance from the future help us reimagine our present moment?

-- Emily McDermott

Please note: there will not be a performance on 27 September

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