frieze d/e

Issue 1

Summer 2011
Illustration by Lauren Rolwing

Does the art world still have a centre?

By Jennifer Allen
Reihenhaus Dichterviertel Geilenkirchen (Fotografie: Jan Verwoert)

The strange persistence of class difference in art

By Jan Verwoert
Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen mit dem damaligen Bundesminister für Wissenschaft und Forschung Johannes Hahn im Atelierhaus der Akademie,  2008

What conflicts await the next Director of Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts?

By Manuela Ammer
Christoph Büchel, Secession, 2010, 10. Februar – 18. April 2010, Secession, Wien

Are the changes to Swiss art funding only about censorship?

By Quinn Latimer
Robag Wruhme

Three recently released mix albums and the purist’s fear of digital bastardization

By Klaus Walter
Johann Jakob Stehlin-Burckhardt, Entwurf für das Innere des Oberlichtsaals, 1868/72

In this series, frieze d/e asks artists, curators or writers to reflect upon one word and its impact

By Adam Szymczyk
Aby Warburg, 1912

A Hamburg exhibition and a new collection of his writings shed another light on Aby Warburg

By Ludwig Seyfarth
Ydessa Hendeles, Church & State (The Puss in Boots Project), 2008, Detail

Marburger Kunstverein, Germany

By Jens Hoffmann
Von links nach rechts: Mark Dion (sitzend), Cary Fowler, Marta Kuzma, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Amar Kanwar

dOCUMENTA (13) Artistic Director, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, spoke with Noemi Smolik about creating the exhibition and throwing out the concept

By Noemi Smolik
Félix González-Torres, Untitled (For Stockholm), 1992/2011, Erste Präsentation von Elena Filipovic

Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

By Amanda Coulson
Pamela Rosenkranz, Stay True, aus der Serie  „Firm Being“, 2009

Water bottles, pills and emergency blankets

By Quinn Latimer
Henrik Olesen, „Some illustrations to the life of Alan Turing“ (Illustrationen zum Leben von Alan Turing), Detail, 2008

Since the mid-1990s, Henrik Olesen has taken apart clichés about gay identity and turned the pieces into visceral installations, sculptures and collages

By Jan Verwoert