Frieze Masters

Issue 4

October 2015

Looking at ideas from the past in the art of the present, this issue includes the role of women in Dada, Goya’s enduring influence on modern art, the inseparable nature of Sonia Delaunay’s life and work and the hallucinatory history of artists and intoxication.

100 years ago, a group of artists gathered in Zürich and founded dada. A new book examines the under-valued role of women to this anarchic, wildly influential movement

By Jörg Heiser

In recent years, a number of historical exhibitions have been revisited and restaged. What's behind this impulse?

By Jo Melvin
Illustration by Lauren Rolwing

How art evolves

By Jennifer Higgie

17 artists write about a work of art that has influenced them

By Alex Katz

The cyanotypes of Victorian botanist Anna Atkins

By Terry Castle

Award-winning novelist Ali Smith responds to Sonia Delaunay's joyful and 'simultaneous' approach to life, art and design

By Ali Smith

Eileen Gray's restored modernist masterpiece, E.1027, has finally opened to the public

By Olivia Laing

What early 20th Century painters omitted from their representation of South Africa

By Sean O'Toole

Francisco de Goya's influence on modern art

By Matthew McLean

David Campany talks about his latest exhibition and asks why photography was so central to modernism

By Jennifer Higgie

A hallucinatory history of artists and intoxication

By Charlie Fox

The General Director of Rijksmuseum on the art that inspires him and why he would have loved to have listened to jazz with Piet Mondrian