‘A brilliantly analytical account of how the increasing prominence of English has gradually pushed other languages to a minor role’

By Vincenzo Latronico

‘It would be easy to cry to this tune, but difficult to dance to it’

By Patrick Langley

‘This performance, exquisite as always, is at once emotional and precise’

By Sarah McCrory

‘Despite the efforts of Trump and his ilk to deny it, the truth is out there’

By Christy Lange

‘Perhaps the shroud I am looking for is embracing lost souls and helping them to return’

By Minouk Lim

‘The poet moves their hips like someone on a tram about to vomit’

By Rebecca Tamás

A visual homage to the Netflix documentary

By Donna Huddleston

It has created a space of inclusion in a patriarchal art scene in which the visibility of female practitioners was minimal

By Bisi Silva

‘Even with the softest breeze, it comes alive and gently plays with the world around’

By Kulapat Yantrasast

‘I stayed first for an hour, then whole afternoons and, eventually, days’

By Jonathan P. Watts

‘Here, the body becomes a ghostly mark in time, a blurring, a phantasm’

By Christine Tohmé

‘What triggered the initiation of the Association of Musical Marxists?’

By Ahmet Öğüt