Enemy Kitchen makes Iraqi culture visible in the US beyond war, producing an alternative discourse and social space.’

By Michael Rakowitz

‘At the first site, the freedom of the United States of America is honoured; at the second, the history of its immigrants is conserved’

By Carina Bukuts

‘It reminds me of my formative years and a time of many firsts’

By Renee So

‘No other type of cinema in recent decades has worshipped reality in this intense manner’


By Mark Cousins

‘The way she stumbled on stage, with her smeared lips and perfect legs, appeared at once criminally affected and wildly persuasive’

By Michelle Orange

‘Every two minutes, people upload more images to the internet than existed in total just 150 years ago’

By Orit Gat
Steve Martino, The Peanuts Movie, 2015. Courtesy: 20th Century Fox

‘In moments of intense friendship, pure enthusiasm is more than anywhere else possible’

By Andy Holden
Mike, 1980, black and white photograph. Courtesy: the artist and Greene Naftali, New York; photograph: General Idea

‘It embodies the qualities of enthusiasm, enquiry and toe-curling earnestness that art can’t exist without’

By Dan Fox

‘It’s all there: charm, humour, ethics, friendship’

By Tom Jeffreys

‘I knew, while trying that chair, that I wanted whatever the future had to offer’

By Cody Delistraty

For all the camp and capering, Eddie and Patsy’s antics also have a plaintive, even existential tinge

By Matthew McLean

‘A magical, fucked-up masterpiece’

By Charlie Fox