Ali Subotnick

Frieze Fairs - 06 Mar 2019

Artists Trulee Hall, Kori Newkirk, Patrick Jackson and Catherine Czudej talk us through their commissions at Frieze Los Angeles

Visitor at Frieze Los Angeles 2019. Photo: Mark Blower. Courtesy: Frieze/Mark Blower

Hear from expert insiders in the city’s cultural landscape, from art to entertainment

Frieze Fairs - 17 Feb 2019

Curator Ali Subotnick talks about the Frieze Projects program installed across the backlot at Frieze Los Angeles

The Frieze Week podcast by Frieze and MATCHESFASHION.COM

The Frieze Projects artist discusses her practice

Cécile B. Evans, Hyperlinks or It Didn’t Happen, 2014. HD video, color, sound. 22:30 min.

Paramount Theatre, Thursday, February 14 and Saturday, February 16: 11:30am – 3pm

TALA MADANI, Over Head Projection (Digger), 2018. Single-channel animation (color, sound) 1:02 minute

Paramount Theatre, Friday, February 15 and Sunday, February 17, 12 – 3 pm

Tala Madani

Featuring special screenings of video work by Cécile B. Evans, Tala Madani, Tom Sachs and Anri Sala in the Paramount Theatre

Lisa Anne Auerbach, Readings By Dorothy (from American Magazine 2, 2014. 24 pages 152 x 97 cm each). Courtesy: the artist and Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles and Palm Beach

Psychic Art Advisor (P3)

Sarah Cain, Mountain Song, 2017, installation view, the Elk Lodge, Snowmass Mountain, organized by the Aspen Art Museum, 2017 - 2019. Courtesy: the artist

I touched a cactus flower (P4)

Catharine Czudej, Smash 3, 2015, Iron, 52 x 95 x 52 cm.

Waiting for Jimmy Hoffa (P12)

Karon Davis, Muddy Water, 2018, installation view, Wilding Cran Gallery, Los Angeles. Courtesy: the artist and Wilding Cran Gallery, Los Angeles

Game (P6)

Cayetano Ferrer, End Credits on Hollywood, 2012, billboard on Hollywood Boulevard, installation view from Made in L.A. 2012, organized by the Hammer Museum and LAXART. Photo: C.F.

Psychical Apparatus Neon (P5)