Amie Siegel

An exhibition at Thomas Dane Gallery, London, sheds new light on the filmmaker’s masterpiece and its appearance in pop culture and the arts

By Rosanna McLaughlin
Amie Siegel, The Noon Complex, 2016, 3-channel HD video installation, colour/sound. Photo: Frank Kleinbach/Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. Courtesy the artist, Simon Preston Gallery/Thomas Dane Gallery


30 Nov
16 Feb

Contributing editor Max Andrews looks back on 2017, from turbulence in the Catalan capital to Pierre Huyghe’s masterwork in Münster

By Max Andrews

Villa Stuck, Munich / Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Germany

By Bert Rebhandl

The New York-based artist writes about the images that have influenced her practice

By Amie Siegel

A round-up of the best shows opening during Frieze Week

By Orit Gat

Various venues, Glasgow

By Ben Eastham
Assemble Studios design for a communal house, 2015

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany

By Sonja Hornung