Andra Ursuta

Dan Herschlein, The Overcoat, 2017. Courtesy: the artist, JTT, New York and Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles

Los Angeles

26 Jan
3 Mar

Viewing the fair as an imaginary art village by installing a cemetery on the island

Andra Ursuta, Carrot Patch Soffocation, 2015, canvas and velvet on plywood panel, with Optium in artist’s wooden frame, 174 × 146 × 7 cm

Massimo de Carlo, London, UK

Commerce Exterieur Mondial Sentimental (detail), 2012, marble,  nylon jacket, gaffer tape, coins,  178 × 46 × 61 cm. All images courtesy the artist, Ramiken Crucible, New York, François Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles, and Massimo De Carlo, Milan; photograph: Uli Holz

How Andra Ursuta’s sculptures play with national stereotypes