Ben Rivers

A genre more associated with painting, an interest in the environment grounds a number of recent artists’ films 

The heart of a thundercloud, the versatility of László Moholy-Nagy and the last scientist on Earth: the city's best current shows

Jananne Al-Ani, Aerial I, production still from Shadow Sites II, 2011

What are the utopian and dystopian qualities of the desert that draw artists over generations?

David Hall, still from TV Interruptions broadcast unannounced by Scottish Television, 1971

What's motivating broadcasters to collaborate with artists?

Playlist - 16 Dec 2015

Rainer Werner Fassbinder's 'Beware of a Holy Whore'; the Butthole Surfers play Reading Festival in 1989

Ben Rivers, What Means Something, 2015, film still. Courtesy the artist and Camden Arts Centre, London

Julia Holter, Alexander McQueen and Ben Rivers: Charlie Fox shares his highlights from 2015

Ben Rivers, The Two Eyes Are Not Brothers, 2015, production still. Courtesy the artist, Artangel and Kate  MacGarry, London; photographs: Yuki Yamamoto

The evolution of the ‘artist’s feature film'

Ben Rivers, Slow Action, 2011, anamorphic 16mm film still

Temporary Gallery, Cologne, Germany

Vincente Minnelli An American in Paris, 1951

The best movies and artists’ films of 2011

Anja Kirschner & David Panos The Empty Plan, 2010, Production still

In recent years, artists in the UK have increasingly turned to narrative cinema and mainstream TV, a shift that has coincided with a renewed intere

A short story with images from Ben Rivers’ film Slow Action (2010)

A Foundation, Liverpool, UK