Cally Spooner

Ahead of artgèneve, a guide to the best shows to see around town

By Yann Chateigné

A round-up of the best shows opening during Frieze Week

By Orit Gat

David Horvitz, 80m2 Livia Benavides gallery and Cally Spooner 

By Amy Zion

Why has abjection gained renewed currency in art?

By Kirsty Bell

Baby I Got Better Things To Be Doing With My Time screened at Frieze London 2014

And You Were Wonderful,  On Stage, 2014, performed as part of BMW Tate Live, Tate Britain, London. Courtesy: Tate, London; photograph: Oliver Cowling

Cally Spooner’s work explores how technology and new media are making performers of us all

By Alice Butler

Featuring specially commissioned audio works by Keren Cytter, Cally Spooner and Hannah Weinberger


The soundtrack to her upcoming film, scored from instructions between an employer and employee