Candice Lin

Artist Candice Lin connects the conditions of slave labour involved in building the drug trade’s infrastructure to the continued Orientalizing representations of the drugs themselves

By Diana Hamilton

Los Angeles

11 May
16 Jun
Candice Lin. Photo: Ryan Lowry

Artists are found in every district in Los Angeles; find Lin in Altadena

Poet CAConrad looks at the ways in which the artist addresses the corrosive role of empire in our daily lives

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For the 2018 edition of the biennial, it’s as if artists feel the need to resolve situations formally where they can’t be resolved for real

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Sam Thorne on the abundance of artists creating clouds, or works that cloud our vision 

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Questioning the way that we interact with violent colonial histories at Portikus, Frankfurt

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For art fair week in the French capital, a round-up of the best shows around town

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The body is a troubled thing ...

By Candice Lin