Senga Nengudi, R.S.V.P. sculptures activated by the artist in Performance Piece—Nylon Mesh and Maren Hassinger, Pearl C. Wood Gallery, Los Angeles, 1977, 1977/2014


7 Sep
10 Dec

Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, USA

The heart of a thundercloud, the versatility of László Moholy-Nagy and the last scientist on Earth: the city's best current shows

‘Intention to Know: The Thought Forms of Annie Besant’, 2016, installation view, Stony Island Arts Bank, Chicago. Photograph: Habib Bolat 

Stony Island Arts Bank, Chicago, USA

Jeff Donaldson, JamPact/JelliTite (For Jamila-Kinshasa), 1988, mixed media on canvas, 88 x 127 cm. Courtesy collection of Jameela K. Donaldson

A fresh look at the music and art of the black radical tradition

A footwork battle, Will Country Boxing Gym, Joliet, Chicago, Illinois, 2010

The global spread of Chicago footwork

Mark Godfrey travelled to four cities to gain a deeper understanding of Theaster Gates's intermingling of art with urban regeneration

Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, USA

Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, USA

Jeff Koons, Bear and Policeman (1988)

Metropolitan Museum, New York and Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA