Nil Yalter, Pixelismus (detail), 1996, 24 parts: oil, gold paint, and acrylic on canvas, each 47 x 42 cm. Courtesy and photograph: © the artist

With Art Cologne opening its doors, a selection of exhibitions around town

By Moritz Scheper
Claus Richter, Rooftop Melody, 2019, installation view. Courtesy: the artist and Clages, Cologne


5 Apr
18 May

The best shows in Düsseldorf and Cologne for the 10th anniversary of DC Open and 2nd edition of the Okey-Dokey gallery-share

By Moritz Scheper
Monika Stricker, 'Stereo Balls', 2017, mixed media, sound installation, dimensions variable. Courtesy: Clages, Cologne

Clages, Cologne, Germany

By Noemi Smolik
Claus Richter, Your little helper (Robot), 2017, steel, electronic components, loudspeaker, LED, plastic, wood ca. 65 x 55 x 55 cm. Courtesy: Clages, Cologne

Clages, Cologne, Germany

By Harry Thorne

Clages, Cologne, Germany

By Baptist Ohrtmann