Corin Sworn

Corin Sworn, Polarity Boxing, 2017, video still. Courtesy: the artist; photograph: Margaret Salmon


25 Jul
25 Aug

The artist's tightly choreographed show about surveillance culture at Koppe Astner, Glasgow

By Chris Sharratt
Corin Sworn, ‘WORK HOUSE’, 2018, installation view,  Koppe Astner, Glasgow. Courtesy: the artist and Koppe Astner, Glasgow


19 Apr
2 Jun
Temporal Arrangements, 2010, era specific vases, floral arrangements and slide projector

Early 20th-century literary characterization; imagination, action and agency

By Colin Perry

Tramway, Glasgow, UK

By Steven Cairns

Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland

By Quinn Latimer

ZieherSmith, New York, USA

By Morgan Falconer