‘FIVE’, an online exhibition curated by artist Nina Chanel Abney, assembles moving-image works around ‘anxiety, stillness, isolation, escapism and fear’ 

By Anthony Hawley

A pop-up DIY exhibition across 400 homes became an unexpectedly timely evocation of resilience and loss

By Joseph R. Wolin

An online presentation organized by Julie Ault and Martin Beck documents the artists’ friendship and creative exchanges 

By Gracie Hadland

For David Grubbs, an onrush of music has led to a rethinking of musical ‘speed’ itself

By David Grubbs

On the visibility of desire during lockdown

By Collier Schorr

The weightlessness of the iconic film helps alleviate the oppressive pull of reality

By Chloe Aridjis

Describe a global crisis in 600 words? Too hard. But isn’t everything else irrelevant right now?

By Elvia Wilk

Curator Brook Andrew’s proposal that creativity is an important means of truth-telling is a bolt of much-needed optimism

By Jennifer Higgie

Every day in ‘lockdown’, we are asked to consider the effects of social distancing – as if segregation weren’t already a reality  

By Kara Walker

As COVID-19 intensified, video games about disease spread

By Lewis Gordon

From the sweet solitude of early sunrise to the existential dread of late-night listening, these works will tide you over 

By ​Adam Benmakhlouf

When we feel caged at home, online animal videos offer a way to connect

By Orit Gat