Croy Nielsen

An exhibition at Croy Nielsen, Vienna, explores the female gaze on a world which seems murkier than ever

By Kimberly Bradley

In her first solo show at Croy Nielsen, Vienna, the artist’s suspended delicate metal formations create a tension that vibrates with possibility

By Kimberly Bradley
Albert Mertz, Dekonstruktion af maleriets møblement, 1974 (detail), installation view, 2018


27 Jan
24 Mar


13 Jan
10 Feb


15 Sep
14 Oct

Croy Nielsen, Vienna, Austria

By Kate Sutton
Troy Town - attitude adjuster, 2012, glazed stoneware, 50 x 65 cm. Courtesy: the artist and Rob Tufnell, London.

Studio pottery, anti-art, John Fahey and compost

By Tom Morton