David Roberts Art Foundation

Yayoi Kusama to open her own museum; Confederate monuments removed in Baltimore; David Roberts Art Foundation to leave London

Jimmy DeSana, Gauze, 1979. Courtesy: The Jimmy DeSana Trust and Amanda Wilkinson Gallery, London © The Jimmy DeSana Trust


8 Sep
7 Oct

Hockney’s masthead for The Sun and ways to make the bubble bigger: a cultural report from the capital

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds & David Roberts Art Foundation, London, UK

Etel Adnan, Francis Alÿs, Megan Rooney and more: a guide to the best current shows in the capital

Ydessa Hendeles, From her wooden sleep ... (detail), 2015; Courtesy ICA, London; photograph: Mark Blower

The personal process of exhibition-making

Nina Russ and Ayumi LaNoire, documentation of shibari performance as part of ‘The Violet Crab’

David Roberts Art Foundation, London, UK