Egon Schiele

The drawing of a nude model by the Austrian Expressionist belongs to a series of 22 other works 

By Frieze News Desk

The Italian artist, who currently has a solo show at MAXXI in Rome, discusses her influences, her frustrations and her love of mozzarella

By Paola Pivi

A new exhibition challenges the tired story of an artistic avant-garde pioneered by men

By Caroline Marciniak

A century on, the Viennese master’s paintings and drawings still lay life bare: the angst, thrill, the thrum of flesh

By Meara Sharma

The importance of art classes; Egon Schiele’s legacy and Hito Steyerl’s favourite films: what to read this weekend

The filmmaker and writer on the novelists, musicians and directors – from Egon Schiele to Virginia Woolf – who have shaped his thinking

By Mark Cousins

While we might not see open censorship be prepared for the vilification of provocative aesthetics

By Kimberly Bradley

mumok, Vienna, Austria

By Max L. Feldman