Erik Morse

How do representations of sleep reflect contemporary culture?

Carrie Walter Stettheimer, Stettheimer Doll House (front view) c.1916–35. Wood, bronze, marble, alabaster, gilding, cardboard, paper, foil, linen, ceramic, oil, ink, watercolour, gouache, graphite, Conté, pastel, coloured pencil and other materials, 79 × 132 × 94 cm. Courtesy: Museum of the City of New York

From medieval Wunderkammern to portable museums, Duchamp’s suitcases, and dolls’ houses, the miniature is an enduring and radical art form

Erik Morse interviews Danish chef René Redzepi of noma, Copenhagen

Morton Subotnick & California E.A.R. Unit performing at REDCAT Theater, LA (2012). L-R: Morton Subotnick (electronics), Eric KM Clark (violin), Vicki Ray (piano), Amy Knoles (percussion). (Photo: Steven Gunther. Courtesy: REDCAT)

The New-York based musician and composer talks about the nature of electronic music, the zoology of noise and the unique sound-worlds of the child

Portrait of Alfred Jarry

An interview with Alastair Brotchie, the author of a new critical biography of Alfred Jarry, published by MIT Press 

Christian Fennesz (2001)

Inspired both by the natural sonorities of the sea and the classic surf-pop lexicon, Endless Summer remains both a time-capsule and a weat

French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy talks about subjects ranging from everyday life to film, the body and the soul

René Girard (Michigan State University Press, 2009)

Peter Sloterdijk talks about the phenomena of chemical warfare, designer ventilation and high-density urban living