Fiorucci Art Trust

Remembering the artist whose occultist experiments transformed her body and biography into art 

By Emily Verla Bovino

Tracing the constellation of performances across Naples and Stromboli in this year’s Volcano Extravaganza, directed by Eddie Peake

By Melissa Pellico
David Horvitz, the sun in your eyes from the branches of a dead tree, 2016, intervention as part of Volvano Extravaganza, Stromboli

Curator of the Fiorucci Art Trust talks about the recent Volcano Extravaganza on Stromboli and the Trust’s unique way of working

By Amy Sherlock
Kamal, 2015, oil on linen,  36 × 31 cm. Courtesy: Sultana, Paris

Painting, nudes and chatrooms

By Matthew McLean