Fritz Haeg

The artist reflects on the natural organisms and systems that have inspired his work at Salmon Creek Farm

By Fritz Haeg

In part three of our special series, Fritz Haeg looks at environmental issues and the US presidency

By Fritz Haeg

Documentary - 22 Sep 2015

Fritz Haeg talks about his plans for the former commune

Documentary - 21 Aug 2015

In November 2014, Fritz Haeg bought Salmon Creek Farm, a 33-acre property in Northern California

From powerhouse institutions to tiny project spaces, LA’s dispersed art scene is flourishing

By Fritz Haeg and Jonathan Griffin

Over-determining the function of an art practice can limit its power to transform, illuminate or respond to a given situation

By Fritz Haeg
Fritz Haeg speaks at Frieze Talks 2008. Photograph: D Tyler/Frieze

A keynote lecture by the polymath artist and ecologist

Fritz Haeg (Metropolis Books, New York, 2008)

By Bradley Horn