George Stolz

David Bestué, Blood Motor on Sand Bench and Bone and Barble Cups, 2017, from the series ‘ROSI AMOR’, resin, sand, blood flour and marble and bone dust, dimensions variable

Artist and writer David Bestué employs materials as diverse as dust, saliva and fragments of a monastery to explore the meanings contained in the w

An interview with the late artist on the unique classification system he devised to organize his books

Various venues, Madrid, Spain

Hiroshi Sugimoto, from the ‘Theaters’ series, 1976–ongoing. Courtesy: © the artist

Highlights of the museum shows on now in the Spanish capital

Rogelio López Cuenca, Corona I, Martello, Mano, Velo, 2016, from the series 'Opium Pop'

Galería Juana de Aizpuru, Madrid, Spain

Human rights and urban living; knowledge, complicity and the potential for change