In the context of increasingly sadistic attacks on Muslim people, the Glasgow-based artist provides a space for grief and dreaming

By ​Hussein Mitha


16 Mar
11 May

‘Gray’s presence is painted on the city; he’s a local, living myth’

By Figgy Guyver


9 Feb
30 Mar

‘It showed the power of placing something dumb and ugly next to something glorious’

By Hettie Judah

For her very first solo show, the artist brings her own biography onto the walls of Glasgow’s Transmission Gallery

By Chris Sharratt
Margaret Tait and Peter Hollander in Perugia, 1952, photograph. Courtesy: The Margaret Tait Estate and Orkney Library and Archive

A exhibition at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art is part of a series of events across Scotland marking the centenary of the filmmaker’s birth

By Chris Sharratt
Untitled Prototype #4 (DIRTY GLOVES) 2018
Acrylic on canvas, cotton piping, thread
71.12 x 91.44 cm / 28  x 36  ins, 2 parts


10 Nov
19 Jan

In a Victorian-era baths in Glasgow, the artist stages her largest performance project to date, featuring a 24-woman swim team

By Chris Sharratt

In the unashamedly populist ‘Rip It Up’ at the National Museum of Scotland, the joy of fandom resounds but questions about the future are avoided

By Stewart Smith

Cancelled events and financial woes have left neighbours such as CCA and its cultural tenants in a state of limbo

By Chris Sharratt