Hans Ulrich Obrist

The actress and artist talk to Hans Ulrich Obrist about their environmental activism

By Hans Ulrich Obrist

09 Oct 2019

Watch artist Mark Bradford in conversation with Hans-Ulrich Obrist at Frieze Masters 2019

The only woman affiliated with the Arte Povera movement resisted machines, definitions and permanence

By Hans Ulrich Obrist

Paying tribute to the legendary designer and his passion for books

By Hans Ulrich Obrist
Conversations on Patronage

With Maja Hoffmann, Frank Gehry and Hans Ulrich Obrist

His design will emerge from Kensington Gardens like a low-lying cloud, with its interior intended as ‘a refuge for contemplation’

By Frieze News Desk

Los Angeles

15 Feb

‘I started to read Mayröcker’s work obsessively. She became one of the few writers whose every written word I have read’

By Hans Ulrich Obrist

With 12 hours of talks (and only one 20-minute break) on a Saturday, the Serpentine Marathon illustrates how the art world plays by its own rules

By Hettie Judah