George Kuchar, 'Weather Diaries' (2011), video still. (Courtesy: Queens Nails Projects)

The past weeks have seen the unexpected force of Hurricane Irene wreak havoc along its path, leaving us meteorologically bewildered and with a newfound existential barometer.

By Anne Colvin

The many iconic images of the late Elizabeth Taylor

Max Mathews on his 80th birthday (2007)

An extensive interview with the late pioneer of computer music, covering Bell Labs, John Cage, Stockhausen and HAL’s voice

By Geeta Dayal
Willoughby Sharp at the Avalanche headquarters, c.1974. Photo: Cosmos Savage

23 January, 1936 – 17 December, 2008

By Lars Bang Larsen

On the death of David Foster Wallace, a writer who reflected upon the joys and complications of language and living

By Jerome Boyd-Maunsell
Madonna on stage, Maidstone, England, 2008

Elvis Presley died on Madonna’s 19th birthday, the two stars can be seen as complex and contradictory emblems

By Sarah Khan

Looking back at the work of the late Ettore Sottsass

By Jennifer Kabat

Remembering the life and work of one of the most influential and imaginative curators of the last century

By Richard Serra


By Will Bradley


By Daniel Birnbaum


By Edward Allington and Matthew Slotover