Issue 209

The psychoanalyst Karen Horney argued that neurosis killed productive artistic practice

By Rob Sharp

One year into the authoritarian president’s term, Brazilian artists are pushing back against state violence and censorship by summoning the spirit of the ‘sertão’

By Silas Martí
Q. What should stay the same? A. Curiosity, generosity, care.
By Beatrix Ruf

Hardline, right-wing policies restrict entry to the country to ‘the great minds’

By Skye Arundhati Thomas

Five months after its abrupt closure, the LA museum shows no sign of reopening. Where does that leave the growing movement of art worker unionization?

By Dana Kopel

The first entirely state-funded art museum on the continent is also a relic of a turbulent political and economic history

By Rebecca Anne Proctor

Addressing inclusivity isn’t just about the workplace – it’s about a richer arts scene that is properly reflective of society

By Priya Khanchandani

In a pastoral Welsh landscape where poets once gathered, the Royal Air Force now trains pilots in warfare

By David Birkin

Shuttered in the city’s crackdown on independent initiatives, the artist-run space provided a model for low-budget, experimental art making

By Carol Yinghua Lu

Michelle Millar Fisher and Andrea Fraser discuss how to radically reshape the power structures of museums today

By ​Andrea Fraser and Michelle Millar Fisher

The translator of the Nobel Literature Prize winner on jet lag, death threats and insomnia in Poland

By Jennifer Croft