Jennifer Higgie

Two brilliant shows at mumok and Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Vienna, revive the late artist’s surreal visions

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Why her impact on art history is inestimable

Nearly three hours long and containing only two jokes, with this film somehow you don’t mind

Illustration by Lauren Rolwing

On the benefits of not knowing 

Illustration by Lauren Rolwing

The importance of visiting galleries in the flesh 

Fifty years after the term was coined, a show in Samos reflects on ‘the unlikely liaison between love and politics’

Roee Rosen, Live and Die as Eva Braun, 1995–97, mixed media on paper, installation view, Benaki Museum—Pireos Street Annexe, Athens, documenta 14. Photograph: Stathis Mamalakis

The third in a series of our editors’ initial impressions from documenta 14 Athens, Jennifer Higgie on the Benaki Museum

CAPC, Bordeaux, France

Colonialism and contemporary Australia in the paintings of Helen Johnson

A map of the Milky Way and neighbouring galaxies based on observations from the Gaia satellite