The Kitchen

Robert Ashley, Improvement (Don Leaves Linda), 2019, performance. Courtesy: The Kitchen; photograph: © Al Foote III

This opera wants to know whether memory is scientific or occult. It answers the question by rejecting it.

By Diana Hamilton

Senior US Editor Andrew Durbin selects his highlights of the shows in the city during Frieze Week

By Andrew Durbin
 Installation view of Charles Atlas: the past is here, the futures are coming at The Kitchen, 2018. Photo: Jason Mandella

New York

28 Mar
13 May
​Mary Lucier, Color Phantoms with Automatic Writing, 2015, installation including artworks by Max Ernst, William Farley and Mary Ashley. Courtesy: the artist and The Kitchen, New York

The Kitchen, New York, USA

By Sam Korman
Nantapol and Pruan Panicharam hammer gold as part of Danh Vō & Xiu Xiu’s performance ‘Metal’, 2014

The Kitchen, New York, USA

By Dan Fox

The Kitchen, New York, USA

By Morgan Falconer