At David Zwirner, London, studies in mortality and intimacy from the artist's final years display his remarkable stylistic range

Tom Anholt, The Brother’s Feud, 2018. Courtesy: the artist and Josh Lilley, London


13 Apr
17 May
Eric N. Mack, ‘Misa Hylton-Brim’, installation view, 2018, Simon Lee Gallery, London


12 Apr
12 May

The artist is also planning a glass fountain of herself spouting her own blood

A Hollywood actor whose image has become troll-bait is the protagonist of a show exploring cross-cultural identity and misogyny in the internet age

With his fourth plinth commission unveiled in London, the artist talks archaeological magic tricks and Saddam Hussein’s obsession with Star Wars

Tyra Tingleff, Untitled, 2018. Courtesy: the artist and The Sunday Painter, London

The Sunday Painter, London (FR2)

Jeff Keen, Secret Comic 1, 1962.  Courtesy: the artist and Hales, London/New York

Hales, London (SP9)

Franco Grignani, Frammentazione radiale, 1964

M & L Fine Art, London (SP23)

Carla Accardi, Labirinto Negativo, 1954. Courtesy of Partners & Mucciaccia, London

Partners & Mucciaccia, London/New York/Singapore, (SP13)

Bice Lazzari, Untitled, 1975. Courtesy: Richard Saltoun Gallery, London. Copyright the Estate of the Artist.

Richard Saltoun, London (SP7)