The first public exhibition of a 15th-century altar-hanging prompts the question: who made it?

According to authorities, a significant portion of the parliamentary art collection has either been mislaid or stolen

In ‘Clothes Line’, at London’s White Rainbow, the artist explores improvisation, social groups and the minute fluctuations of the day to day 

The new initiative will loan celebrated National Portrait Gallery artworks to towns across the UK that they are most closely associated with

‘Art is not CNN,’ says Banu Cennetoğlu – new works produced with London’s Chisenhale Gallery ask: are you paying enough attention?

More than 20 artists and designers are calling for work to be removed after a reception linked to the arms industry was held in the museum

Ben Eine (real name Benjamin Flynn) – a favourite of Samantha Cameron – punched his girlfriend in the face at London’s Serpentine Gallery

27 educators are taking the London gallery to an employment tribunal, demanding that they be recognized as employees

At Piper Keys, London, the artist and musician shows intimate depictions of domestic labour

Along the Thames, 50 live performances, sculptures and installations explored home truths of gentrification, domesticity and colonialism

The gallery’s anniversary celebrations include reduced tickets to its landmark Lee Bul exhibition


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