Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

A retrospective of the Japanese artist's work at Louisiana Museum, Humlebæk, sheds new light on his merging of the biological and the artificial

By Steven Zultanski

With the fair now on, a guide to the best exhibitions to see in the Danish capital

By Francesca Gavin

A survey at Denmark’s Louisiana Museum displays the Austrian artist’s expert linking of social concerns and surrealism

By Steven Zultanski

A retrospective at Denmark’s Louisiana Museum of Modern Art reveals the painter’s universe: life as a vortex of activity, sound and fury which may ultimately symbolize nothing

By John Quin

Poul Erik Tøjner pays tribute to Denmark’s most important artist since Asger Jorn

By Poul Erik Tøjner

The dual sides to the city’s Cph Art Week

By Kristian Vistrup Madsen