Max Hooper Schneider

A guide to the city’s autumn exhibitions

By Jonathan Griffin

A series of sculptures shown at Jenny’s, Los Angeles, challenge traditional categories of art 

By Travis Diehl
Max Hooper Schneider, Pet Semiosis 5: Lethal Injection (Burmese), 2015, acrylic tank, preserved roadkill snakes, found arroyo objects and detritus, shed snake skin, cat bones, freeze-dried crickets, polymer resin, gravel, sand quartz, photoluminescent pigment, antiquated glass, shredded car tire, plastic plants and succulents, wood, assorted stones, barbed wired, dried seed pods, elk antler pieces, vintage lighter, formed pewter, mammal blood, sliced geodes, concrete, neon sign, 35.6 x 25.4 x 30.5 cm. Courtesy: the artist and Jenny’s, Los Angeles; photo: Michael Underwood

Female Odobenid, 2019 (P15)