How archival footage at MAXXI, Rome, brings to life Ponti’s wit, intellect and erudition

By Ana Vukadin

The Italian artist, who currently has a solo show at MAXXI in Rome, discusses her influences, her frustrations and her love of mozzarella

By Paola Pivi

An exhibition at MAXXI, Rome, presents a vision of our maturing digital consciousness by drawing a connection between surrealism and AI

By Rachel Falconer
Zach Blas and Jemima Wyman, im here to learn so :)))))), HD video still, four-channel HD video installation, 2017. Courtesy: the artists and MAXXI, ROme 


20 Oct
24 Feb

A 20-artist group show at MAXXI Gallery, Rome, draws lines between surrealism, computer simulation and new forms of algorithmic intelligence

By Rachel Falconer
Piero Gilardi, 'Nature Forever', 2017, installation view. Courtesy: MAXXI, Rome; photograph: Francois Fernandez

MAXXI, Rome, Italy

By Ara H. Merjian

Remembering the artist whose occultist experiments transformed her body and biography into art 

By Emily Verla Bovino